hand painted sink with platinum loops design

Gold or Silver Loops are pretty cool. These really some of my fave designs and if you’ve got pizzaz, add one to your bath or powder room in real metallic gold or platinum. They are some of our more modern bathroom offerings at decoratedbathroom.com but we also create a wide variety of hand painted bathroom sinks in all types of designs and in many styles from floral and geometric to animals, nature and novelty themes. All of our fixtures are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for easy care and ever lasting durability. Many of the sinks we use are also made in the USA, which is rare these days. Check out our complete selection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks, toilets and accessories at decoratedbathroom.com.

Gold Loops Painted Vessel Sink

Gold Loops design painted on a round white vessel sink
Gold Loops design painted on a round white vessel sink.

This was the original Loops design inspiration. It’s pretty groovy, too much so for most bathrooms but it’s another one I would put in my own. I love it, it makes me feel happy to look at it. As usual, photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s shiny metallic gold and looks spectacular.

Loose Loops in Platinum on a White Slab Vessel Wash Basin

Platinum loops scrawl design painted on a contemporary vessel sink.
Loose Loops design in platinum painted on a contemporary vessel sink.

This version is painted in platinum on a contemporary vessel basin, 23-1/4″ wide x 13″ deep.  It’s got a single faucet drilling that can be used with several vessel faucet styles. It’s also got the loops on the front of the basin, which you can’t see in this photo but you can on the  website here.

 Gold Loops Box Vessel Decorated Lavatory

gold loops painted rectangle vessel sink
Gold Loose Loops design on porcelain vessel sink.

This Loose Loops design is painted on a rectangle vessel sink in metallic gold.  It would also look great running across the basin on an under mount sink. I’ve always wanted to do one like that. Just never seem to have the extra time. I would like that in my own bathroom, maybe one day!!!

Loose Loops Hand Painted Bathroom Vessel Sink

Blue & White bathroom with Loose Loops design painted on the sink.
Blue & White bathroom with Loose Loops design painted on the sink.

Here is the features sink above in platinum of the Loose Loops design featured in a bathroom set-up. It’s on a slightly less chunky rectangle shaped porcelain vessel sink than the version above in silver, aka platinum. It’s been IKEA-ized with the wavy mirror and white lacquer vanity with a blue-ish frosted glass top. The sink measures about 21 x 15″. Clean and refreshing.

These are just a few of the hand painted vessel sinks we have in more modern or contemporary styles at decoratedbathroom.com. Please check out our complete collection there. Thanks for reading.


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