The Gold Orchids design has been very popular lately. I’m not surprised, it makes a really great hand painted bathroom sink or toilet. The orchids are painted in matte & metallic gold with black edging and highlights. The photos in this post really don’t make it look as good as it actually does. This is one of the hand painted sink designs available for sale on our website, Check out our complete collection of decorated bathroom sinks and toilets with designs to suit any bathroom renovation.

The toilet shown above was created to match the pedestal sink detailed below. It’s painted on a bone color Kohler Devonshire toilet tank & lid with gold orchids, buds and leaves and highlighted with real gold bands.

Gold Bathroom with Gold Floral Painted Sink

gold bathroom with hand painted ceramic gold orchids sink
Gold bathroom with Gold Orchids design painted on a white fluted drop-in sink.

I make a lot of these, it’s on a fluted drop-in basin. What you see here is on a St Thomas Antigua but we are now using the Bates & Bates Georgia which is prettier and of the very best quality you can get, made in the USA. It took me a while to get a relationship established with them but I am so grateful I have it. Believe it or not, the poor quality of sinks from China make this business really complicated. So many of them I receive have stuff wrong with them, it’s not the actual china, that is what it is, it’s that there will be a mark, or they are a bit crooked, or the drain hole is not in the center, really it makes me want to give up doing the business. That’s why I’m so grateful for the Bates & Bates sinks, they are beautiful and hardly ever anything wrong with them. If there is, I don’t use them or cover the spot with a flower. I strive (too much!) to make sure every sink and toilet I make is perfect!

Gold Orchids Drop-in Bathroom Basin

hand painted drop-in basin with gold floral design
Gold Orchids design painted on a white Kohler Pennington Drop-in lavatory.

Here is the same Gold Orchids design painted on a white Kohler Pennington Drop-in basin. This is a pretty standard sink and a good choice if you want to replace a ‘builders’ sinks, since it’s a little larger it affords plenty of wiggle room with an existing counter. Many customers prefer a sink with the faucets on it instead of on the counter so this installation fits their needs.

Gold Orchids Painted Anatole Pedestal


Gold orchids on kohler anatole pedestal lavatory painted sink
Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Anatole Pedestal Lavatory


This was a custom design created for a customer who also wanted the saying “Jesus The Living Water” on the back of the bowl. We created this version of the pedestal sink design and she chose this Kohler Anatole pedestal to start with. I wasn’t all that keen on it because it costs about $800 for the blank sink. The firing of our decorated sinks in large kilns sometimes always doesn’t turn out how you want them too. A hairline fracture may not be visible on a sink when you purchase it but we fire our fixtures up to about 1500 degrees fahrenheit and when a crack is exposed to that kind of heat, it’s not good, I can’t send out a sink with a crack in it! Fortunately it turned out great and I liked it so much I added it to the website. I’ve made a few more on white Anatole pedestals and they also looked really spectacular, the customers loved their sinks, as all do!

Gold Orchids Painted on Bali Pedestal Lavatory

Gold flowers painted pedestal lavatory for powder room
Gold flowers and bands painted on a decorative Bali pedestal lavatory.

This was the original version of the Gold Orchids pedestal design above but it’s on a less expensive fixture to start with so a great option if you don’t want to spend as much money. It’s a beautiful painted pedestal sink and is the crowning glory of any bathroom or powder room.

All of our sinks and toilets are made by hand to order by me in the United States. Thanks for reading. Visit our website, to see all our decorated sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories. Thanks for reading. – Lynne


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