Add something really special to your bathroom with the Victorian Garden design painted on a porcelain vessel or drop-in sink. This design features a bounty of color with flowers including Roses, Tulips, Violets, Lilies, Bluebells,Delphinium, Lily-of-the-Valley, Honeysuckle, Anemone, Morning Glory, Daisy, Foxglove, Poppies, Asters, Cyclamen, Sweet William and lots more. It’s painted in gorgeous colors including deep maroon, purple, gray, gold, pink and blue with lots of different shades of green and brown in the leaves. This is one of the many hand painted and decorated sinks we make here in Henderson, Nevada, check out the complete collection on our website, decoratedbathroom.com.

Shown above and below is a really pretty version recently made for a customer who wanted the design shown next (which is on a drop-in sink) on a decorative vessel. I had this sink in the stock pile for a few years and just never got around to putting a design on it but it worked perfectly on this version of the Victorian Garden design and looked gorgeous. I really enjoyed making it and was very satisfied with the result!

hand painted floral porcelain vessel lavatory
Front view of the Victorian Garden design painted on a scalloped edge vessel sink.

The flowers carry over to the front of the basin so it looks good from all directions. I was sad to ship it out because I was a bit attached to it. The first one I made cracked in the kiln, so actually I just remembered, I had to order a new sink so it wasn’t one that was in the ‘stock pile’. However, the second try turned out even more beautiful than the first attempt. It’s painted on a scalloped edge porcelain vessel lavatory about 16″ in diameter and 7″ high. It’s not on the website, but might be soon, or if you want to order, just contact me.


Victorian Garden Porcelain Drop-in Sink

Small hand painted sink with Victorian floral design

This was the original version of the design,Victorian Garden Drop-in, it’s also very pretty, this time the flowers are painted on an American Standard Royton drop-in basin. It’s about 13-1/2″ in diameter so a small sink. The faucets are installed separately on the counter or wall. It’s perfect for a Victorian renovation or for anybody who wants a beautiful flowered sink to enjoy every time they walk into their bath or powder room!

Victorian Garden & Hummingbirds Painted Vessel

Small hand painted floral vessel sink
Victorian Garden Design with tiny little hummingbirds on a small biscuit vessel basin.

This was another custom version that I made and sent to Japan. It’s on another very small vessel sink, about 12″ in diameter, and if it wasn’t for the drain hole in the bottom it’s reminiscent of a porcelain salad bowl. Things are small in Japan.

There are a few other version of the Victorian Garden design on the website, decoratedbathroom.com, where you can see our spectacular collection of decorated porcelain bathroom sinks, all made by hand by me in the USA and kiln fired to everlasting durability.


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