rococo floral painted vessel sink

This round vessel sink is painted with the Rococo flowers design. It’s got six different floral bouquets painted in a beautiful range of colors from soft pastels in pink and green to a vivid red in the poppies with lots of blue, yellow, rose, purple and everything else in between. Flowers include poppies, hibiscus, daisies, roses, violets, orchids, freesia and more. The flowers encompass the inside and outside of a white 16″ round vessel basin. Create something special in your bath or powder room with this sink. I take all the sink photos myself, and this one doesn’t do this version justice. It looks gorgeous. It’s available in white or biscuit and can be purchased on our website,

Rococo Flowers Painted Vessel

Rococo design hand painted vessel basin
Front view of the Rococo design painted sink

The basin is made from Vitreous china which is a very hard, china and glaze which is impervious to water, most sinks and toilets are made of it. We use ceramic decals for most of our sinks, they are the same type of decoration that is used on kitchen plates and mugs. They are applied to the ware (the sink or toilet) and then fired in a large Skutt kiln to about 1500° F. When the kiln reaches the correct temperature, the original glaze on the sink becomes liquid and the decoration fuses with the glaze to become permanent. It will not wear out or fade away. The decals are composed of finely ground glass pigments suspended in a medium which fires away in the kiln.

Rococo Painted Sink Inside View

rococo floral painted vessel sink
Rococo design painted porcelain vessel sink.

You can see a bit of the inside of the sink here showing some of the flowers that are painted on it. The basin has an overflow drain, which we normally recommend positioning to the front of the basin so that it doesn’t interfere with the design, so you can’t see it in the photo above.

Rococo Ceramic Decals


Rococo flowers for hand painted sink
These are the bouquets in the Rococo design

These are the six different motifs we use in the Rococo design. You can’t see the colors all that well here because these are a scan of the unfired decals and the colors become more transparent when they are fired, since they are made from glass, the surface of the ware (sink) shows through giving them life and light.

There are a few other designs we do in the Rococo motifs, a drop-in and a different style of vessel sink, both with the addition of some hummingbirds. Check out our complete collection of decorated and painted sinks at  All made by hand by me in the USA. Thanks for reading. – Lynne




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