mirror powder room with painted vessel sink

These are two of my favorite customer bathroom shots of our sinks. They both feature lots of bathroom bling… bright and shiny stuff, and of course feature our painted and decorated sinks. They are just a few of the sinks we make and if you like these, you should check out our complete collection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks and toilets, made by hand, by me (Lynne), in the USA, on our website, decoratedbathroom.com.

Black and White Marble Bathroom with Gold Border Sinks

marble bathroom with gold border painted sinks
Total Bling!! Love the black marble backsplash, sets the whole thing off.

Note: Photo credit Julie Soefer Photography

I really love the contrast of the black, gold and white in this master bathroom. The gold old fashioned style faucets really make a statement and go great with the whole set-up. You can just see at the left of the photo big gold drawer handles, love them!!! The contrast between the white marble counter and the black marble backsplash is great, and the backsplash was probably not that expensive because they are tiles. Just gorgeous!!! Truly a bathroom worthy of my sinks.

Small Squares Border Design Sink

painted sink with border design composed of concentric squares
Gold Small Squares border design painted sink

Heres the sink, the design is on a standard 17 x 14″ under mount, and is available in gold or platinum. Check this link on our website for more info or to see a platinum version. The design is a kind of take off on a traditional Greek Key, we do actually have a true Greek Key Border sink, you can check that out too! It’s quite a popular design and can be adapted to almost any kind of master bathroom, powder room or guest bath if you want to add a custom touch to your new bathroom.

Silver Mirror and Marble Bathroom with Painted Vessel Basin


mirror powder room with painted vessel sink
Gorgeous mirrored powder room with oversized vanity with platinum detail, white marble and painted vessel sink decorated to match.

What is it that I love about all this bling in the bathroom??? This one features a great mirror, looks like it’s made up of mirror tiles with some beautiful screens on top of it holding the lights, with a design that ties in with the one on the sink. The vanity is awesome, it also echos the sink design, in platinum of course, and I especially like the way she organized her towel and soap dishes for the photo. Thank you!!! They look so much more professional. I bet everybody in that house is enjoying the bathroom.

Infinite Swirl in Platinum Painted Vessel Sink

painted vessel sink with platinum swirl design
The design is painted on all four sides of the square vessel sink.

Here is the actual sink. It’s a 16″ square white, porcelain vessel basin, with the design applied to all four sides. It’s available in Gold or Platinum and is a stylish accent to your bathroom or powder room. Here’s the sink featured in previous blog post, Platinum Infinite Swirl Square Vessel.

These are just a few of the many in our collection of traditional and modern painted sinks and toilets. All made by me, Lynne, by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for maximum durability. The design will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Thanks for reading. Please check out the complete collection at decorated bathroom.com. – Lynne

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