If you want to add something to your master bathroom or powder room build or renovation, think about the Big Fancy Border design. We used to do this one on an American Standard basin but recently switched the bathroom fixture to the Bates & Bates Suzanne. It’s made in the USA in California by Alno and they are some of the best quality bathroom fixtures available. I see a lot of bathroom sinks in my line of work and most have something wrong with them, except for the Bates & Bates. The design is an ornate kind of scroll design and is available in both gold and platinum. It’s one of our collection of gold border designs and looks great on this drop-in but can also be painted on a fluted drop-in or undermount vanity basin.

Big Fancy Border Platinum Drop-in Basin

drop-in basin with gold border design
Elegant gold ornate border painted on the rim of the Suzanne drop-in basin

Care instructions for the sink are simple and the same as the manufacturers recommend for a sink with no design on it, nothing abrasive. For our metallic designs I recommend mild dish soap and buff with a soft cloth to dry. That’s it and it works perfectly. No other special care required. I’ve had a gold design on the sink in one of my bathrooms for about 12 years now and it still looks just as good as the day it was installed.

Painted Platinum Big Fancy Border Drop-in

ornate platinum border painted drop-in sink
Platinum version of the Big Fancy Border design

You can barely tell it’s a shiny metallic design from the photo above, it’s really tricky to get a good shot when you are not a professional photographer, which I am not!! Keep on reading, there’s another photo below that shows it a little better.

Big Fancy Border Platinum Drop-in

painted drop-in sink with platinum border
Platinum Big Fancy Border Painted Sink Showing the Shine

You can get a little better idea of the shine on the metallic on the sink. The photo still doesn’t do it justice, it shines brilliantly all over.

It’s the Big Fancy Border drop-in sink, available on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Made by hand, with love, by me, in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. Visit our previous post on Gold & Silver Border designs for great bathroom and powder room sink ideas. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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