The Gold Orchids design is one of our most popular. We paint the orchids on sinks, toilets, tiles and as featured in this post, bathroom accessories. Because all of our designs are kiln-fired, we decorate on ceramic or porcelain bathroom items including soap dispensers, soap dishes, toilet brush holder, tissue box covers, tiles and more. They complete the look in the bathroom or powder room when you have chosen on of our Gold Orchids painted sinks and toilets. We can paint the design on pedestal sinks, drop-in sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories.  They are just some of the hand painted bathroom fixtures we sell on our website, Where everything is made by hand, by me, here in the USA, at the moment in beautiful Henderson, Nevada, hopefully relocating soon. Just waiting for our 70-pound, 17-year-old Labradoodle Bentley to cross the rainbow bridge. I’m so proud of him he is still here so as long as he is, home is Henderson for now. I just read this morning that blog posts should be 2000 words. Seriously, it’s hard to come up with 500, so if this post seems a little verbose, you know why. The only reason I blog, is for my google results, it’s a total PIA. Too much self-promotion on social media, I have to do some, but all this ‘look at me’. Yikes. I don’t want to see a selfie of some young person (who I don’t know) on Instagram. Yoohoo Mr Zuckerberg.

Gold Orchids Porcelain Toilet Brush Holder

Beautiful Nameeks tissue brush holder painted with a design of gold orchids and gold bands.

This customer wanted a gold brush handle, cost was not a concern for them, so we ordered three of these beautiful Nameeks porcelain toilet brush holders, in white with the gold handles. They are made in Italy and really of the best quality. To start with they cost $275 each plus the cost of me decorating them. I hope they don’t break them!!!!!  I did one like this and two in the Heirloom Roses design, another one of our popular designs featuring lots of pink Geraldine roses.

Gold Orchids Painted Tissue Box Cover & Dispenser

gold orchid tissue box cover and soap dispenser
This is the actual soap dispenser and tissue box cover in the bathroom shot. I took a photo this time!

This is the Gold Orchids design on a white ceramic tissue box cover and coordinating soap dispenser. The soap dispenser is, unfortunately, no longer available. It was a good one because it was nice and tall and would hold a lot of soap or lotion. you can see these actual accessories in a customer photo of their bathroom featuring the Gold Orchids design on a round white vessel sink here. She did a great job on the powder room and completed the look with matching accessories. The tissue box cover is also quite a large one, in recent history they started making the tissue boxes smaller, so they could put less tissues in them and charge the same price, and now most of the ceramic tissue box covers I use are kind of big, and necessitate putting a small block under the box to hold it at the right height in the tissue box holder. All our dispensers come with quality, metal pumper tops which we purchase separately.

turquoise bathroom with gold orchids sink
Turquoise bathroom with Gold Orchids Vessel Sink & Accessories

You can see all the gold in the bathroom here. I love the faucet, and using a vessel sink allowed me to get even more of the orchids on there, all over the front of the basin, which you can just see in this photo. She also highlighted the white subway tiles on the wall with a row of gold ones and a nice, ornate mirror to top it all off. She told me everything looked a bit blue in the bathroom, well it’s no wonder, with all that white, and those reflective surfaces, it’s going to pick up the gold. The awesome thing about the set-up of this powder room is that a quick change of wall color will totally change the look. If the customer ever tires of the turquoise, there is always red, or navy blue, or black, or white, or of course wallpaper. I always love a bit of paper on the wall in the powder room. When you get a small room like that, with something big and bold on the walls, it really creates a haven, kind of womb-like space.

Gold Orchids Fancy Scroll Edge Accessories

Gold Orchids painted bathroom accessories of a cup, soap dispenser and dish.

These ceramic bathroom accessories feature the Gold Orchids design and are highlighted with gold bands too. The accessories are kind of ‘Victorian-style’, with a decorative scroll edge on them. We made a bunch of these for this customer and sent them to the UK. We ship our products world-wide. Everything is double-boxed and packed in foam to ensure safe transportation to the final destination… your bathroom!!!

Gold Orchids Shelf & Soap Dispenser

Gold Orchids Painted Porcelain Shelf & Dispenser
Gold Orchids painted shelf and soap dispenser

I made this shelf for a lady who got one of the Gold Orchids Bali Pedestal sinks. They are quite popular. I had one that had screwed up, and I only send out perfect stuff with the $$ I charge for for the sinks, my customers deserve perfection! I was able to touch it up, the flaw wasn’t easily seen and was on the underside of the bowl. I was glad to sell it for a discount, I always need more room in my garage. When I get around to it, soon I hope, I’m having an inventory clear-out, sample sink sale. Returns, stuff that has very slight imperfections, or I don’t do that design anymore. Believe me, in this business, I’ve got a few sinks in the garage, that’s for sure. I’m hoping to move soon, going to try to live a bit ‘tinier’, get rid of tons of stuff, unburden myself so to speak, I’m hoping to leave Las Vegas in the very near future, and getting rid of everything I don’t want anymore is going to feel really good. I’m still going to be left with tons of stuff, still way too much and I’m hoping to keep what I need. You can get the shelf on the website here, in any design.

OK, I need more words in this post. These Gold Orchids coordinate with our Gold Orchids sinks and toilets. We have done several previous blog posts featuring these bathroom fixtures. There was the Gold Orchids Sink & Toilet with Jesus Saying, on this beautiful Kohler Anatole pedestal,  I sold a few of them, too bad Kohler stopped making them, it was a really pretty sink. There is also the Gold Orchids fluted sink, that’s the most popular version, you can check it out on the website here, it’s also available on the Houzz marketplace. A great place for home improvement stuff of all sorts, unique items and lots of hand made stuff, like what I do. Since I am trying to get the word count on this blog post up, here is the sink

Gold Orchids Painted Pedestal Sink

Gold orchids on kohler anatole pedestal lavatory painted sink
Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Anatole Pedestal Lavatory

Here is the discontinued version of the Kohler pedestal lavatory painted with the gold orchids design. This sink was an almond one, which is like a light beige color. The scalloping around the bottom of the pedestal leg is accented with gold bands that echo the scallop. Several flutes on the leg were the perfect spot for the gold bands. I did the same thing with the gold bands around the bold, shaped them to fit on the shape of the basin. It worked so beautifully. It’s really a bummer you can’t get them anymore. Why or Why do they always stop the good stuff and replace with crap. One reason is that bathroom design is (finally) going modern. For so long in this country we have been stuck in the 80’s in the bathroom, over the last couple of years a more modern design aesthetic has taken over and the minimalist bathroom is on the rise. We have lots of contemporary designs at decorated bathroom, you can check them out on the website here, some of my favorites… Loops, Loose Loops and Elegant Swirl and this one, the Gold Swirling Lines.

Navy Bathroom with Gold Swirling Lines Pedestal Lavatory

Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror
Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror.

This design is on an American Standard pedestal sink and is painted with a series of gold swirling lines. They go great with the custom-colored navy blue paint on the walls and gray floor tiles. Love the mirror too!

We have a whole collection of painted sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories, like the ones featured in this post, available on our website, Gold borders, colorful florals, seaside themes, we have sinks for every taste and style of bathroom, master bathroom or powder room. All of them are made by hand by me, Lynne, and kiln-fired to lasting durability and beauty here in Henderson, Nevada, hopefully somewhere else soon. Thanks for reading.

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