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This post is going to feature painted bathroom sinks that can be put in a men’s (or women’s) bathroom. The first one of the men’s room painted sinks is the Vintage Cigar Labels. I made this painted sink a long time ago for a customer who was a cigar aficionado. I found a Dover Publications archive of old time cigar labels, we scanned them in and had custom made ceramic decals made to be put on this hand painted sink with vintage cigar labels. The colors and images in the cigar labels are absolutely beautiful. Lots of beautiful portraits and historic buildings. This is a custom painted sink, and one of the many I can do, or actually do, do, at the website There you will find a complete collection of painted and decorated sinks for every taste. All hand decorated by me, Lynne, in the USA with love and care. Then they are kiln-fired to permanently fuse the decoration to the surface of the fixture, They won’t wear out or fade away.

Vintage Cigar Labels Painted Sink

Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.
Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.

The cigar labels on the sink are taken from a historic archive of actual labels, published by Dover. They are so beautiful, created back in the good old day, they were probably lithographed  and will add a touch of artistic nostalgia to the bathroom or men’s room.

How did we paint these on the sink? The process is as follows. The Dover Archive is available on CD, they are actual high resolution scans of the original labels. Normally we have decals silk-screened for our sinks but these ones were made from a unique computer process where a specially equipped color copier with ceramic inks, which are ground up glass pigments, prints out a full color decal. The files and images require tons of tweaking to get the results shown above because ceramic pigment doesn’t work the same as regular 4 color. In the firing process colors that contain reds or purples behave differently than blues or greens, one can burn out the other colors, therefore the colors that make up the decals have to be adjusted accordingly for good results. A while ago we knew a guy who did a great job on them, he sold the machine, not so great the last try with the new company, so this is a limited edition!

Vintage Cigar Labels We Use on the Sink

Close up view of the actual cigar labels we use on the sink.

I made this image big so you can see just how beautiful they are. If only I was that talented. The quality of the artwork in the images is second to none, and due to our custom ceramic decals that we used on this one, they were tweaked to make the most of the ceramic pigments, thus ensuring bright, accurate, vibrant colors and a truly unique, original quality. I’m trying to get the word count on the blog post up to 1500 so sorry about going on and on. I can’t even pick which one is my favorite. I have enough of them to make one more sink. You can buy it here. Vintage Cigar Labels Painted sink, $798 including free US shipping.

Gold Squares Painted Vessel Sink

big squares gold painted vessel sink
Big Squares Design in Gold on a petite round porcelain vessel lavatory

These sinks I get the decals silk-screened, so I can make as many as I want. Thank god, Decal supply is getting to be a real problem for my business. This sink is the Big Squares Vessel Sink and a couple of men have actually purchased this sink, it comes in a small or large size and can work in any style of bathroom. From something totally traditional, with wood cabinets and a marble counter, or a totally modern bathroom, with sleek lines, lots of glass, white, marble, etc. The design is a take off on a traditional Greek Key, with a series of concentric squares. You can’t see it’s true beauty in the photo. I should do a video out in the yard of some sinks. It will show the beautiful, metallic gold shine on the sink. This is an Elite 13″ diameter vessel sink, it was a great sink, when it didn’t have a stupid logo on it, now there is a logo, front and center, on the inside of the bowl. It’s not that bad, small(ish) and gray, says ELITE. Still a good sink and small sinks can be hard to find. They always look even nicer when decorated, for some reason the small sinks look even better. Available on our website, here, Big Squares Painted Vessel Sink.

Sea Shells Painted on Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Sea Shells hand painted drop-in bathroom sink
New shells design painted on a white Kohler Pennington

Take a trip to the ocean when you go to the powder room. Beach bathrooms are unbelievably popular! This sink design features a selection of colorful shells with red, green & blue highlights resting on a bed of faux hand-painted sand effect. Great for a beach theme bathroom or powder room. for a place by the ocean, seaside, beach, lake, condo on intra-coastal, wherever. Also available without the sand background. We sell a lot of sinks to Florida, I think people retire there and get what they want for some of their last bathrooms. I totally get that, as I get older, I realize the only reason I am in debt is because I can’t stop myself from spending money on my house. In the last year I got a new master bathroom. I spent way more than I wanted to but as with my kitchen, I don’t regret it. My house is in Las Vegas and my house was built in 1998 and had all builder’s quality finishes. Twenty years later, time for a renovation. We have two sea shells sinks on our website, you can check them out here, New Shells Painted Sink, Sea Shells painted vessel sink. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their shell sinks…

Walter K on 03/05/2019

Arrived like a kid at Christmas looks GREAT.

gpb on 03/11/2018

I’ve really enjoyed the sink!

Robyn P on 09/05/2017

This is an awesome sink! We had a different design in our old house and so when we moved I needed to get another one. stunning and very well made. Cleans like a non-decorated sink. Very professional service.

More sinks for the men’s room? We’ve got a bunch of them with a ‘lodge or cabin’ theme, from fish to ducks, bears, wolves and more. You can check them all out at this link, Animals & Nature Painted Bathroom Sinks, and here are a few of our favorites.

Ducks in Flight Painted Bathroom Sink

ducks painted on bathroom sink
Bates & Bates Debbie Painted with Flying Ducks

This one has some colorful ducks flying across the bowl of the sink in shades of gray, brown, white, red, green heads and yellow beaks. Pretty classy for a camp design style, usually. This is what one customer said about her sink…

Peggy B on 09/05/2017

I purchased a “Ducks in Flight” sink for my wet bar / butler’s pantry when remodeling. It has received more compliments than any other feature of an extensive “redo.” The sink was as advertised, true to size. Decorated Bath Rooms worked with me on schematics and delivery schedule. I will soon be tackling a master bathroom and will turn to them again. My ducks are still as lovely as the day they arrived.

Big Fish Painted Undermount Bathroom Sink

big fish painted bathroom sink
Big fish (salmon) painted on a white 14 x 17″ undermount sink.

This is one of my favorite of the fish or lodge designs painted on sinks. It’s a beautifully painted fish, pretty sure it’s a salmon, swimming in seaweed. The thing I love about it so much is that it’s painted in beautiful shades of blue and green. The actual fish is a dark blue-gray shade, with highlights of green, blue and purple. So gorgeous. I’ve got about 12 of the decals left, after that, the design will have to be retired. Such a shame but the way they are printing the decals today, they just don’t have the same painterly qualities as the old ones did, mostly made in Europe, Germany, England (for how much longer?), Spain and Italy. We have a series of lodge design sinks, that’s what I call them, with fish, horses, deer, fish and a moose, all painted on bathroom sinks. Check out the Big Fish painted sink on the website here, Big Fish on Sink, $759 including free shipping.

We also have lots of different Gold Borders painted on undermount bathroom sinks that are the perfect touch to make any bathroom, master bathroom, guest bathroom, powder room, or half bathroom (I think I got them all, outhouse?)… even better. You can check out our complete collection at decorated, where all the sinks are made by hand by me, Lynne Sands, in way too hot, Henderson, NV. Thanks for reading. – Lynne


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