ceramic tissue box cover and soap dispenser

I make a lot of decorated bathroom accessories. My customers love to complete the look of their decorated bathroom. We have a wide range of porcelain and ceramic bathroom accessories that can be painted to match your sink. Items ranging from waste baskets, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, tissue box holders, towel bars, toilet brush holders, toilet paper dispensers, etc. Check out the Accessories page on our website to see what we have available, and visit the Accessories Gallery page to see a whole bunch more than are featured in this post. They compliment our collection of painted bathroom fixtures, including sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories, all made by hand in the USA, in Henderson, Nevada. Almost all our our designs use a combination of ceramic decals and some hand-painting to achieve the desired effects. We use the same process that is used on kitchen plates and mugs, and has been in existence for almost a couple of hundred years now. The decals are activated in water, then applied to the ware (the sink or toilet, tile, etc) and then squigeed to get all the water out. This step is essential, since an air bubble under the decals produces a most unwanted results. Sometimes I can touch them up, sometimes, impossible and another sink goes into the Habitat for Humanity pile. I’ve done way too many of them. This post is featuring accessories, so I better get back to that.

Daisy Tissue Box Cover & Soap Dispenser

ceramic tissue box cover and soap dispenser
Daisy design ceramic soap dispenser and tissue box cover.

These are pretty white and gray daisies with yellow centers and green leaves. The match the Daisy vessel sink on our website. The items are a tissue box holder and matching round dispenser. I think if you look very carefully in the pumper top, you can see a reflection of some flesh tone, me! These were some really nice, versatile daisies but the company that produces them is suffering under new management and have decided to start reprinting all the decals in China, instead of Germany or England. BIG MISTAKE, I wish they would realize it. Like all printers, they think the new versions look fine, they don’t. You can see on this example that they just skipped one color on the daisies, the red orange in the centers. I was pretty pissed when I realized this, if only I knew it was just a precursor to come. I don’t think I will be able to do the daisy design anymore because i don’t think I can get anymore decals of a suitable quality. BTW, Kohler and all the other companies that do decorated bathroom fixtures, like Sherle Wagner, use the same process I do, ceramic decals. We all call them hand-painted, or I try to just stick with ‘painted’ because otherwise people wouldn’t know what to call them and what to google when trying to find them on the internet.

Rococo Toilet Brush Holder & Tissue Box Cover


flower painted tissue box cover
Porcelain Toilet Brush Holder and Tissue Box Cover

These decorated bathroom accessories match the Rococo design painted sink with roses, orchids, poppies, hummingbirds and more. As you can see, it’s a toilet brush holder and tissue box cover. This is one of my favorite designs to work with, fortunately it doesn’t come from the company mentioned previously, hopefully these ones will survive until I sell this business or retire. The problem with selling it is that it’s a bit of a tricky business. It took me years and years to get to the point that I know what I’m doing, and 12 years later, stuff still screws up and I don’t know why. It’s a huge PIA!!!! Opening the kiln and getting that sinking feeling. I’m so used to it know it doesn’t bother me that much. The worst thing to happen is that I will have to give the customer their money back and not be able to complete the order. Worse stuff happens in this world everyday. Back to the Rococo design, it’s got fabulous colors and a totally hand-painted look. Brimming with flowers, buds and blossoms in every color of the rainbow, and then some. So easy to coordinate your bathroom or powder room around because of all those colors. In fact, here is what some customers have said about their sinks, for some reason, people really love this one when they choose it.

Toni said…

I am happy to say that I adore this bathroom sink and think that it is worth every penny we spent on it. It is sturdy and more than lovely and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something really special in their bathroom!

Ann said…

It is such a hit with all visitors both men and women.. the construction crew were amazed when it was installed. I had an open house for our neighbors and it was such a hit. The lights are flicker flame bulbs. I LOVE it… thank you so much.

Lynette said…

I have had my sink for a few years now and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is just beautiful! I have a counter top that is under lit and the sink looks great with that. It has held up great and cleans up beautifully. I would buy it again and again! It is that pretty. I am thankful every time I look at it that I found it. Thank you for a beautiful work of art!

Nancy said

What a SURPRISE !! It is really a masterpiece that I have not expected this much of perfection in its configuration of wonderful bouquets surrounded by those of hummingbirds… I LOVE my sink. Millions of my appreciation to your masterpiece and the support !

Boy, that really gets the word count up!! I must remember that for future blog posts… and what nice things my customers have to say!!!

Heirloom Roses Tissue Box Cover

pink roses tissue box cover
Pink Geraldine roses painted on a white porcelain tissue box holder.

This tissue box cover coordinates with the Heirloom Roses decorated sink and toilet.

Heirloom Roses deisgn painted on a white porcelain soap dispenser.
Heirloom Roses design painted on a white porcelain soap dispenser.

Here’s what one customer posted on our website as a review for his soap dispenser,

Kent said…

5 ( 5 / 5 )
“The soap pump is a perfect, lovely match to the decorative sink we have in our Victorian master bath. It is good quality and very well made. It is small, just like we want it. It was not clear what the metal finish was for top and the pump that arrived had a finish that did not match with our polished brass facet and accessories we have throughout the house. It is a small detail so we tried to get a replacement in brass from Bed Bath and Beyond. Alas, the replacement was threaded differently so it would not screw on. Decorated Bathroom quickly offered to send a brass finished top, which they would have to get by special order as it is not commonly stocked. Decorated Bathroom sent usTWO different tops, slightly different in finish and style. They are both much better quality than we would has settled with from the plastic at BBB. There was no charge. Unbelievable! We are thrilled on top of pleased, to find this gem and then have DB work with us so nicely to make it perfect.”
I don’t know any other way to be with my customers, I am not tough enough when it comes to charging people, but sometimes I just think, oh for $10 bucks, I don’t need to nickel and dime my customers. Of course, I get nickel and dimed by my suppliers, but that’s another story. Some of them are great. I’m up to 1300 or so words on this post so I think it’s time to call it a post and do something much more interesting than blog posting, like watching the last stage of the Tour de France.

have created lots of different accessories in the Heirloom Roses design, you can see more on the Accessories Gallery page on the website.  We have a complete collection of ceramic or porcelain bathroom accessories available for decorating to match our painted bathroom fixtures. Check them all out on the Accessories page on the website. These are just a few of the accessories we can decorate to match our complete collection of painted sinks & toilets at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading.

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