vessel sink painted with flowers and hummingbirds

This is one of the most popular designs of painted sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories we sell on our website, It’s bunches of flowers, in great colors, that ladies (and some men) love. It’s also very versatile and can be applied to all kinds of bathroom fixtures, as well as lots of different tiles and accessories. I just completed a tile mural, featuring this design, along with a vessel sink and toilet and some towel bars, which I will be featuring in a future  blog post on the customer’s bathroom, when she sends me photos. These are just some of the decorated bathroom fixtures, unique bathroom sinks, and decorative vessel sinks that we sell at decorated

Scented Garden Painted Vessel Sink

decorative vessel sink painted with flowers
Scented Garden Floral design painted on a decorative vessel basin.

I’ve been meaning to do a vessel sink in this design for a long time with lots of decoration on it. I have one vessel in this design, with just a touch on both sides, you can check it out here, Scented Garden Vessel Sink. Luckily, a customer requested a custom design on this scalloped edge decorative vessel sink and I was able to make it for her. The floral design painted on the sink includes, tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and other flowers, a few butterflies, a ladybug and a few hummingbirds! All the different colors in this design make it a great choice for a Victorian Bathroom renovation or a nice white contemporary one, featured in a previous blog post there, Scented Garden Bathroom

Front View Scented Garden Painted Vessel Sink

vessel sink painted with flowers and hummingbirds
Side view of decorative vessel sink painted with Scented Garden Flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies. Flower shaped sink with flowers on it

I tried to get as many hummingbirds on the sink and I could, and as much blue as possible, since the customer wanted to accent her bathroom around it. I was able to get one on the front, as well as a nice butterfly on the right, near the poppy.

Since I was making a custom sink, I also customized the toilet to match, using a few different flowers than I normally do. Since I’m up to 1500 words on this blog post, and it will take some time to process the photo to make it usable on this blog. So I’ll just link to the one on the website, that is almost the same, and you can use your imagination. It’s a Kohler Devonshire toilet, one of my favorites at the moment, easy to decorate and not expensive. Scented Garden Toilet.

I also made towel bars, something similar to these. and I was able to get the hummingbirds, ladybugs and butterflies on them as well, mostly in blue. Check out the Accessories Page on our website to see what we have available for decorating and while you are there, check out the Accessories Gallery to see some of them decorated.

Scented Garden Ceramic Towel Bars

hand painted floral bathroom towel rings and bar
Scented Garden design hand painted bathroom towel rings and bar.


The best thing about this order was the custom mural I made for her. I love doing them. Going to be covered in that future post. It makes a nice change for me to work on something flat, instead of all the curving edges on a sink, or accessories. It’s 36″ x 36″ and is going to be installed beside the bathtub in her new Scented Garden bathroom. She is also doing a toilet roll holder and recessed shower shelf that I am going to put some design on. I haven’t done them yet and from the photos on the internet it doesn’t look like there is a lot of room for decorating. I’ll figure it out.

I’ve made several murals over the years in this design, one of my favorites was a huge one, installed on two walls of a corner shower, featured in a previous blog post here, Custom Scented Garden Shower Tile Mural. It was shipped to the UK to another happy customer of decorated bathroom. This is how it looked. That’s a slightly dummied up version. I didn’t get a photo from the customer, but it is the actual tiles, I scanned them in. It works great because you get the shadows on them around the edges, so when you put it together, it looks like tiles, I guess cause it is!

Scented Garden Shower Tile Mural

painted floral tile shower mural
Photoshop mock-up of the flower tile shower mural

As usual, I’m trying to get the word count up on my blog post, so I’m going to finish up with what some customers have said about their Scented Garden painted bathroom fixtures. It’s the most reviewed design on our website, Here’s what some of them had to say:

In January 2019, Cliff and Lois posted:

Your art treasure arrived yesterday. It is absolutely fantastic. We are both pleased with the superlative quality of your art work. Extremely well packed and delivered without a hitch. Thank you very much, you have given (us) years of pleasure and enjoyment.

They sent me my favorite customer photo ever, a picture of Lois holding the sink before it was installed, she looked really happy. There was an interesting back story to that one. My mom’s friend did this business in Victoria Canada before I took it over (sometimes, ok lots of times, I wonder why oh why), and they had seen one of here sinks, with a similar design, a very long time ago, and they wanted one for years.

In March of 2019, Linda B. posted this:

Back in 2012 I contacted Lynne about making me a sink for my renovation project. She was amazing, answering every question, making great suggestions and being helpful in every way. The sink itself is absolutely gorgeous and is always the first thing everyone notices and admires when they enter my remodeled bathroom. I mounted the sink in my grandparent’s dresser and it is perfect. If you want something unique and eye-catching from a talented artist/professional, you should definitely buy yourself something from this fabulous company. Thanks, Lynne!

In September of 2018, Debra posted this:

I was so excited about receiving this sink! I am the only one who uses it as it is in the master bathroom. It is totally beautiful!!! It is easy to clean and I feel special when I see this sink. I am very thankful you have developed such a beautiful line of sinks.

In March of 2018, Ann posted this:

My scented garden sinks are more beautiful than I even hoped for! They look spectacular and I am happy to see them every day. I had a very good experience working with Lynne, she delivered as promised in perfect condition and on time. Altogether a very good experience and the sinks are the stars of my remodel!

In September of 2018, J posted this:

This is the most lovely sink I have ever had. I love humming birds and floral scenes and this sink is just beautiful. It is easy to clean with a non abrasive pad or sponge. I use ivory soap for cleaning.

In September of 2017, Wendy posted this:

I ordered this sink for our new log home 5 years ago and it still looks brand new. I love the design and never seem to get tired of it. It has held up spectacularly well without fading, scratching, becoming dull, chipping, or peeling. I would definitely recommend this colourful sink to anyone who wants to add some pizazz to a quiet bathroom decor.

In September of 2017, Jane posted this:

l love my hummingbird bathroom sink … I love my master bathroom … It is a joy to go in … Everyone who comes to visit me has to go in and see my beautiful bathroom … As wonderful as it is the hummingbird sink is the crowning achievement… It just makes the bathroom very special … You were a delight to work with … l really appreciate getting the extra tile so when l went to pick out the granite for the bathroom l took it with me… That made it so easy to see which granite color l should pick out …So when I had it all done the bathroom looks really great because it all goes together … Thank you… thank you … for all your help and getting the sink here in a timely fashion. … The sink was beautiful wrapped so it made the trip in prefect condition … When l get ready to do my guest bathroom you will definitely hear from me …

In September of 2017, ArminPat posted this:

The kitchen sinks you made for us are so beautiful and look so nice with the granite countertop and antique faucet. They are special and all are mesmerized when they see it. We love them. Thank you! I made them some custom kitchen sinks. Here’s a photo of them. It was for a customer in California who loved flowers and wanted them all over her kitchen sinks. I hope so much she is getting the opportunity to enjoy them. They were an older couple, living near fires and landslides!!!

In September of 2018, Steve from the UK posted this:

So pleased with my new sink. It is beautifully made and the quality of the decoration on it is superb. It was despatched on time and very carefully packed, arriving in the U.K. undamaged. I’d have no hesitation recommending this company’s products to anyone.

Yes, we ship our sinks worldwide, and Fedex has some seriously discounted rates if you just call up their Great Rates department. Some countries, you have to ship on certain days. I just shipped two sinks to the United Arab Emirates and it was only $143 for each sink. It costs me sometimes $90 to ship a sink to Florida and they arrive about the same time. Crazy but I love it, it makes a foreign purchase much more attractive for the buyer.

In case you are wondering why a lot of the reviews are in the same months, here is the reason. I am a one-person business who does everything myself. There is no automatic email that says can you please review me, once or twice a year, when I get my act together, I send all my customers an email asking them for a review, and photos. I love that part, seeing the decorated and painted sinks, toilets, tiles and bathroom accessories installed.

Please make sure to visit my website, to check out the complete collection. All decorated by hand, by me, Lynne, in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty. If you read all the way to the bottom of this, THANKS!!! I hope you have a great day. – Lynne

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