painted sink in white bathroom

This is yet another post featuring the Scented Garden design. I make a lot of sinks and toilets painted with this design. It’s what many people would think of when they think painted sink, if they ever do. I am currently on a blog writing binge, trying to get 15 posts, about 9 or 10 months worth, done in a couple of days. I really don’t enjoy doing them, it’s tedious, as with all stuff on the web, lots of key-wording and prepping images in Photoshop. Thank god my previous career was as a graphic designer, I can work miracles with a photo in Photoshop. Ok, to the blog post. These are some very nice shots sent to me by a customer of their sink and toilet. They went for an elegant yet simple white bathroom design, and I love this because it really sets off the colors in the flowers. All of them!

Modern White Bathroom with Scented Garden Fixtures

white bathroom with floral painted Kohler sink and toilet
Contemporary Victorian bathroom with Scented Garden Sink & Toilet.

I forgot to take a photo of that toilet, there is something similar on the website here, It’s a Kohler Wellworth, which is a pretty basic toilet, and the sink is a standard Kohler Pennington drop-in. It’s a great sink, I’ve used many, many of them, easily in the 100’s! The design on this sink features a few less flowers than our other Scented Garden designs, and sometimes that’s just the right amount that should be painted on the sink. This customer is an attention to detail person, I can see that from her bathroom design, and it looks like she had a handyman plumber to accommodate her requirements. That can be a challenge, not everybody does things to perfection. Look at the toilet water supply, so neat!! Of course, if that was me, I might consider painting that with white metal paint, very carefully, like a factory finish. I asked my plumber to move the water supply when installing my pedestal sink, he couldn’t/didn’t, why didn’t the builder install them properly? all the houses have a pedestal sink, and you sit right across from it on the toilet, and all you can see if the water supply valves. Bummer. Anyway, my bathroom has dark blue walls and fairly low light and I painted the valves the color of the walls and they are 90% gone, you don’t notice them, too much.

Scented Garden & Hummingbirds Drop-in Painted Sink

Kohler sink painted with scented garden & hummingbird design
Scented Garden & Hummingbird Painted Kohler Sink

You can see all the flowers in the design, as well as the hummingbird, and a bee (on the left rim) and butterfly (on the right rim). The copy on the website says

“You’ll think of a fragrant flower garden when you walk into the bathroom…”

and I think that is probably what happens subconsciously, instead of any stinky smells that may be lingering. The design is a Dresden-style floral design with tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more. There is a great selection of vibrant colors in this design that makes it easy to coordinate the rest of your bathroom or powder room. White, or any color. Lots of people put it with beige, or dark gray or black counters, white marble, green marble, depends on how daring you are. One standby is a white bathroom and then accessorized with colors to pick them up in the design. Check out this previous post , Scented Garden Mural & Accessories, where the customer has four different color changes for her bathroom to match the Scented Garden design, red, green, blue and yellow. She must have some extra cash. I usually have to go with one choice, mostly what I already have, and make it work!!! Lucky I’m creative.

Contemporary Victorian Bathroom with Painted Drop-in Sink

painted sink in white bathroom
Close-up of painted drop-in sink in bathroom.

This is a close up of the sink. I like the faucets, especially the curve-front vanity and the row of fancy tiles on the backsplash. It all works really well. I like the soap dishes too, and a new soap, the only soap appropriate for a guest bathroom shot. I think it must be a quartz counter, because granite doesn’t come in that color and I don’t think you can get formica in that shape, around the curve at the front. Looks great whatever it is.

Scented Garden Toilet in White Guest Bath

bathroom with painted toilet
Scented Garden Toilet installed in bathroom

I really appreciate how the customer/photographer styled the photos for me. It makes such a big difference. Like the towel hanging over the tub. Looks like a fancy tub too, and you can mostly see toilet seat in this photo, that’s due to the angle and the elongated bowl. People often ask me if I do toilet seats, I would like to, but I would have to charge $400 or more to do them, of course I know some customers would say ok I’ll take a few, but’s it’s a different process on wood or plastic than it is on ceramic so there would be quite a bit of work on the front-end for me, then they would have to be clear-coated, and I don’t have a spray shop.

Thanks for listening to me go on and on, and for reading this blog, and for your interest in our decorated bathroom fixtures, made by hand by me, Lynne, in the USA. All of them are kiln-fired for lasting beauty. Check them out at


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  1. […] I’ve been meaning to do a vessel sink in this design for a long time with lots of decoration on it. I have one vessel in this design, with just a touch on both sides, you can check it out here, Scented Garden Vessel Sink. Luckily, a customer requested a custom design on this scalloped edge decorative vessel sink and I was able to make it for her. The floral design painted on the sink includes, tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and other flowers, a few butterflies, a ladybug and a few hummingbirds! All the different colors in this design make it a great choice for a Victorian Bathroom renovation or a nice white contemporary one, featured in a previous blog post there, Scented Garden Bathroom.  […]

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