hand painted floral ceramic tissue box cover

This post was going to feature only the Heirloom Roses but I decided to make the whole post on painted porcelain and ceramic tissue box covers. I’ve done them in several designs to match our hand-painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories, available on our website, Decoratedbathroom.com. This post features Tissue box covers painted with the Chintz design, the Heirloom Roses and the Scented Garden. By coincidence, all of them have pink roses in them.

Chintz Painted Tissue Box Cover


Chintz Floral Tissue Box Cover
Chintz design tissue box cover painted with pink and white roses and little yellow & blue flowers.

This Chintz porcelain tissue box cover coordinates with the Chintz Garden painted sink & toilet. It’s a versatile design and is full of pink and white roses, and other little blue, yellow and pink flowers. Not sure what any of those are called, but the colors are great and it has a totally watercolor hand-painted look and fee. Click on the photo above to get a closer look at the detail in this design. Besides the pink, the colors are various shades of green, brown stems, blue-ish white flowers with yellow and brown centers and a few other small flowers in shades of blue. All these colors make it really easy to accent your bathroom with the towels, rugs and other accessories. And, this can be easily changed with a switch-out of colors to create a whole new look for your decorated bathroom. Check out this previous blog post where a customer ordered a ton of tiles in the Scented Garden design, shown below, where she got a set of rugs and towels, etc. in yellow, maroon, blue and green. She had some money to spend on that bathroom and got whatever she wanted, and so she should!!!! I also did a tile mural for her shower/bathtub surround which can be seen in the post. A very nice lady too. I hope she loves her bathroom.

Heirloom Roses Ceramic Tissue Box Cover


pink roses tissue box cover
Pink Geraldine roses painted on a white porcelain tissue box holder.

This is the Heirloom Roses, another one of our very popular designs. It’s full of pink and white Geraldine roses, painted in shades of pink and maroon, with lots of greens in the leaves and delicate brown stems. I’ve done all types of fixtures in this design, toilets, drop-in sinks, pedestal lavatories, I don’t think I’ve done a vessel! Sooner or later, I could do one. It’s also a very versatile design that I can use to decorate the fixtures in a variety of ways. I have also featured this design in a few previous blog posts, you can check them out here, Heirloom Roses Bathroom, or Pink & White Roses in the Bathroom. In the Heirloom Roses Bathroom, the customer ordered 2 large and 2 small of the drop-in Heirloom Roses Painted Sink, and installed them in a lovely pink marble and gold bathroom in the Middle East. Did I mention we ship our sinks worldwide? Fedex has some great rates to foreign countries, I wouldn’t say the rates are that great in the states though. If I want to ship a large box to Florida, it can be $90. Ouch!!! I’m sorry to all my customers who have to pay for the shipping, but in order to make sure that the decorated sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories arrive at their final destination without breaking, I pack everything up with tons of foam, packing peanuts and big boxes. I spend a fortune on packing supplies. And, the packing peanuts, I know they are environmentally-unfriendly. I’m sorry, I try to be green in every other way and reuse as much packaging as is possible. Sometimes when my boxes arrive at the customers, the packing material you can tell has been reused, I have various bits of foam, but I would rather be green and reuse it than throw it all out, plus it costs a fortune. The peanuts (corn starch or styrofoam)

Scented Garden All-Over Tissue Box Covers

Scented Garden Tissue Box Cover
Floral design painted all over the porcleain tissue box covers.

These are one version of the tissue box cover. It takes way too much time to stick all those flowers on there, getting them to look right, or at least ok! I do however like them better. I like lots of design on stuff, probably too much!!! This tissue box cover coordinates with our Scented Garden sinks, toilets, tiles, murals, etc. Too many to mention. Unfortunately the supplier of the decals was sold and the new company reprinted them and they are ugly!!!!! I bought up everything I could ‘stateside’, at 5 times the expense, of the old versions. When they run out, I’m hoping the new company (Bailey Decal) will get their act together and print something useable. Such a shame. They are reprinting everything in China, instead of England or Germany, and like a lot of stuff from China, they look crap. Too much red for one thing. LOL.

Scented Garden Bouquets Tissue Box Cover

floral porcelain tissue box cover
A different version of the Scented Garden on a porcelain tissue box cover.

If I’m doing this style of tissue box cover, which of course I prefer because it takes way less time and effort to just put the bouquet on there as opposed to decorating it all-over, I always like to include a little something on the top. Either around the hole in the top of the ceramic tissue box cover, or on the four corners, like it is in the Cherubs example shown below. When you are standing at your bathroom counter, you normally see the top of the bathroom accessory more than anything, so I like to make sure there is a flower or whatever on the top to entice. You can see there is also a nice bluish purple butterfly on the tissue box cover, and it is decorated on all four sides of the box. I always feel compelled to put something on the top of a ceramic or porcelain tissue box cover, one normally looks at that type of bathroom accessory from the top, so shame not to decorate it.

Cherubs with Ribbons and Garlands Tissue Box Cover

Cherubs porcelain tissue box cover
Cherubs design on all four sides of ceramic tissue box cover

This one matches the Cherubs sinks. Let me add a note about ceramic and porcelain bathroom accessories, in white or biscuit. Boy are they hard to get. I just did a google, which I like to do from time to time to see what’s out there. I see Bed, Bath & Beyond have one, $56.99. Not cheap, and probably full of flaws. The ceramic wastebaskets i have for decorating at the moment came from HomeGoods, I went back several times over a 2 week period, to a few different HomeGoods locations, to snap up all that were available. They are pretty good, although I bough two dozen of the last bunch I had from Walmart, of all places, and they were excellent. Really good quality with few flaws. Once I ordered a dozen tissue box covers, ceramic ones, and every single one had stuff wrong with them. Yikes. Plus, the box size in the store has changed, and the tissue box covers haven’t caught up yet. My best source for obtaining white accessories for decorating is Maryland China. They have a wide range of blanks, that can be decorated and painted and kiln-fired. They are also very nice people and a nice place to order from. They come to all the china painting shows as well as the SGCD show, so I’ve met them a few times. What’s the SGCD you ask? It’s the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators, an industry trade organization. I’m glad I joined it a long time ago, it has helped my business in mysterious ways, like suppliers I couldn’t find or figure out because they were in Europe, who contact me. GREAT. Also nice people. Why do I go on and on you wonder? I’m trying to get a decent word count on the blog. So if I was you, I would skip down to the last paragraph now, or click now this link to my website, decoratedbathroom.com. Where i sell a broad range of decorated and painted bathroom fixtures with designs ranging from Gold and silver borders, to tons of flower options, animals and nature, faux stone and marble and a few others to boot. All made by me by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty. I see the word count is up to 1250. If you read all this through to the end, thank you very much and sorry for going on and on, I need more words in my blog posts. – Lynne


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