small vessel sink with flowers and hummingbirds

This post features a powder room with a custom version of the Rococo & Hummingbirds Painted Vessel Sink. The sink is a modified version of our Rococo Vessel Painted sink design. It is decorated with delicately painted flowers including roses, poppies, orchids, lilies and more, with two hummingbirds moving in.  It’s normally painted on a small white oval ceramic vessel sink, shown here, about 16 x 14″ which can fit very well on an antique vanity or dresser. It’s just one of the floral painted sinks and toilets that I make by hand here in the USA, with love and care. Check out the complete collection at Back to the post…

Rococo & Hummingbirds Painted Vessel Sink

small oval vessel sink painted with hummingbirds and flowers
Rococo Flowers & Hummingbirds Painted Vessel Sink

The colors and painting style are what make this design so appealing. The colors are basically… all of them, and I can modify the design to switch out the poppies as shown in this example if you aren’t a red fan! The beautifully painted flowers including poppies, hibiscus, daisies, roses, violets, orchids, freesia and of course the hummingbirds buzzing around them! A wide range of colors makes it easy to coordinate your bathroom decor around this sink. Bold and subtle colors range from soft pastel shades to a vivid red in the poppies with lots of blue, green and everything else in between. You can get more info on design in a previous blog post, Rococo Sink & Accessories  and on the website here, Rococo Vessel Sink..

Powder Room with Small Floral Painted Sink

small vessel sink with flowers and hummingbirds
Rococo floral and hummingbird painted sink in powder room.

The wall has been tiled with clean white bevelled subway tile, and the bathroom has a dark wood counter, dark wood accents, and an antique bronze (think that’s the name of the finish) faucet. Too bad about the Aveeno container in the shot. Unfortunately I didn’t take a decent photo of this sink before I sent it, I couldn’t be bothered!!!! Just one more thing for a one person business like me to have to do, like this blog post. Anyway, the unique thing about this sink is the size, so I guess it’s good the lotion bottle is in there so you can see how small it is. It’s a very tiny, salad bowl-like vitreous china vessel sink called the Kiernan vessel. I purchased it at Signature hardware and have used them several times when a customer needs a small sink for a small space. They are so cute when they are done, something about a small sink, they look super-awesome with some flowers on them.

Rococo Drop-in

Kohler drop-in sink painted with flowers and hummingbirds
Rococo & Hummingbirds design on a white Kohler Pennington drop-in.

This is the same basic design painted on a white Kohler Pennington drop-in, approx 21 x 17″. It’s a standard drop-in sink and is great for replacing a ‘builders sink’ in a counter with the hole already cut. It has a very wide rim on it so there is lots of leeway. And, that wide rim is also great for decorating, it puts the design front and center so it can be seen better. Sometimes when a design is way down in the sink, you don’t see it until you get there, and that can be nice too, a little surprise. This is also a really popular design. It’s got five 5-star reviews on the website, which is quite a few for my one-person business. Here are what my customers said about their sinks.

“I am happy to say that I adore this bathroom sink and think that it is worth every penny we spent on it. It is sturdy and more than lovely and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something really special in their bathroom!”

“It is such a hit with all visitors both men and women.. the construction crew were amazed when it was installed. I had an open house for our neighbors and it was such a hit. The lights are flicker flame bulbs. I LOVE it… thank you so much.”

“I have had my sink for a few years now and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is just beautiful! I have a counter top that is under lit and the sink looks great with that. It has held up great and cleans up beautifully. I would buy it again and again! It is that pretty. I am thankful every time I look at it that I found it. Thank you for a beautiful work of art!”

This is one of the things I really enjoy about my business, customers really enjoy the sinks I made for them. Ok, here I go to try to get the word count up on this blog post. I make all the sinks and toilets, tiles and accessories myself here at decorated bathroom. I can decorate on most vitreous china fixtures, which means that it is impervious to water. Most of our designs use ceramic decals, The same kind of process that is used on mugs and plates. They are applied to the ware and then kiln-fired to about 1500 degrees F. This fuses the decal, which is made up from finely ground up glass pigments, with the glaze on the china. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive. All major manufacturers recommend this, like Kohler and American Standard. If you use comet, ajax or even soft-scrub on a bathroom fixture, it will eventually wear out the shine on the glaze over time. Not immediately, takes probably a few hundred (or more) cleanings. We recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent. If you keep the fixtures clean, then you don’t have to scrub and rub at them to get them clean, thus preserving their beauty. I’m up to 927 words. It’s supposed to be 2000! I am just one person, and as you can tell, not a writer!!!! Imagine if I had enough $$ to pay someone to write blog posts. The problem with that is that they wouldn’t be blog posts I was proud of. I tried to have someone do my social media for me, what they did was mostly embarrassing.

Back to our collection of painted and decorated bathroom fixtures. We decorate on vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, toilets, drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, tiles and a wide range of ceramic or porcelain bathroom accessories. Decorated to match your fixtures. Our designs range from flowers to faux granite and marble and lots of gold borders and flowers, cherubs, animals and nature. Ok I’m almost up to 1100 so I’ll be ending this post soon. Thanks so much for reading and please check out the complete collection of painted and decorated sinks and bathroom fixtures at – Lynne

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