seashells painted sink and backsplash in bathroom

Are you redoing or building a house or condo by the lake or seaside or do you just want to transport yourself to another world when you go to the bathroom or powder room. Well, It’s amazing how popular beach themed bathrooms are. I’ve been meaning to do a tropical fish sink, in the meantime, I have a few shell sinks that are good sellers and a great choice for a bathroom by the beach, lake or sea. This post features a few customer shots and the actual sinks, just one of the many painted and decorated sinks I make here in Henderson, Nevada, by myself, by hand. All of them are kiln-fired for lasting beauty and you can see all of them on our website,

Colorful Sea Shells Painted Drop-in Sink

painted Kohler sink with seashells design
Seashells design painted on a white Kohler Pennington Drop-in Bathroom Sink

The sink features a selection of colorful shells including a sand dollar and starfish resting on a bed of hand-painted sand texture. The colors are mostly beige, gold, brown, pink and white, with some blue and red highlights. These shells are painted a little more artfully and a little less scientifically like the designs featured below. The shells painted on a white Kohler Drop-in basin with 4″ faucet centers in shades of pink, brown, beige, ochre and a bit of red and blue. The Kohler sink is the Pennington model. It’s your standard drop-in sink. One of the great things about them is the big rim. I was able to take out the ‘builder’s sinks’ in my master bathroom and replace with two of these Kohler sinks (with a different design) and they fit right in the holes in the counter. No cutting or fitting required. Nice!!!! The basin measures 20-1/4″ wide x 17-3/4″ deep and is available with 4″, 8″ or single hole faucet centers. It’s made from vitreous china, which is what most bathroom fixtures are made of. What that means is that the porcelain is coated with a glaze, which is basically ground of glass, which becomes liquid when firing and creates a seal on the porcelain, so that it is impervious to water and will last for years, and years, and years.

Seashells Painted Drop-in Sink in Blue Bathroom

painted bathroom sink with shells
Beach Bathroom with seashells painted sink.

This is a customer bathroom shot from a long time ago with the same design painted on the sink. I really love they way she ‘styled’ the photo for me with the starfish and beach-themed bathroom accessories. The counter looks like it has some sparkly specs in it, I always love that, and the turquoise wall is right on point with the style of today. I notice turquoise and navy and making a big splash everywhere. Along with gray, which thank god has replaced beige, but you have to be very careful with shades of gray, otherwise things look like a battleship. Unfortunately this drop-in sink with the rope rim, like so many other decorative sinks, is no longer available. Bummer for me because lots of the designs look good on fancy sinks. Everything (finally) is going modern now in the bathroom, more Euro-style with clean lines and a contemporary look. I like it better. The sinks designs look great on modern sinks too, surprisingly they marry the new with the old. I just did a Florentine sink (shown in a previous post here) on an oval ceramic drop-in basin and it turned out really nice, check it out on the website here.

Colorful Sea Shells Painted Sink and Tile Backsplash

seashells painted sink and backsplash in bathroom
This is the Colorful Seashells painted sink with matching tiles on the backsplash.

Why does this say She Shells Sinks on it you ask? Well it’s because I made it for my instagram and I couldn’t resist trying to be a little funny. However, I must have had the size wrong for instagram, and I totally should have put the words on the counter, not on the rim of the sink. Oh well. The shells on this drop-in bathroom sink are painted in shades of brown, gold, red, pink and even a bit of blue for some color relief. These shells are a little more stylized than the other ones shown below, which always look a bit scientific to me. The sink these are on is the same sink mentioned above, a white Kohler Pennington, my go-to drop-in basin. I also made a bunch of tiles for the backsplash with the sand painted into the background. They turned out pretty good. The customer interspersed them amongst blank white 4″ tiles. It was for a New Yorker for their place in Florida. Very nice customer!!!

Sea Shells Painted Pedestal Lavatory

traditional pedestal lavatory painted with sea shells design
Seashells painted on a traditional pedestal lavatory

This is the Seashells Pedestal lavatory with the other more scientific-looking versions of shells, this time on a traditional pedestal lavatory. No sand texture on this one, it’s a lot of extra work and those pedestal sink tops are heavy, 40+ pounds each, and my kilns are top-loaders, so it’s kind of tricky. I’ve hurt my back several times lifting these large pedestal sinks out of the kiln. This sink is the St Thomas Arlington Pedestal, another discontinued model. Geez!!! I can still get one other traditional pedestal, the Barclay Vicki, I hope they don’t discontinue them but you never know. Get your sinks while i can still make them. Looking at this sink now, I should have probably put the sand hand painting in the background, it kind of ties them all together. I like the starfish in this design, you can just see in the photo, there are several shells on the leg of the pedestal too. Check it out on the website,

Beach bathrooms are indeed a popular them for a home renovation. What better place to sit down and transport yourself to another world, every time you go to the bathroom.  A place where you can sit in peace and solitude and ponder over life and the world, by the seaside. You can check out the rest of the shell sinks for a beach bathroom here on the website,  You can also check out our complete collection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks including designs for every taste, flowers, gold borders, geometrics, anything you like. I made each and every one by hand here in Henderson Nevada and all of them are kiln-fired for lasting durability and beauty Sorry to go on and on but my blog posts are too short and I need them to have more words. What else can I say!!!!!!! Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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