sink painted with pink roses and hummingbirds

Here’s are some of our painted and decorated sinks on backgrounds for my Instagram feed. They are just a few of the painted sinks we sell on our website, Many of the fixtures are made in the USA by Creations by Alno Inc, Bates & Bates, in Oxnard, California and decorated by me in here Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Butterflies & Flowers Painted Under Mount Basin

butterflies and flowers decorated undermount sink
Decorate your bathroom with one of our hand painted sinks and toilets made by hand in the USA,

This is the Butterflies, Fruit and Flowers design, painted on a white Bates & Bates Debbie sink.  It’s and approximately 18 x 14″ undermount sink with a centrally-located drain. It’s a colorful and delightful choice for your powder room or master bath. We recently made a pair, in two sizes, for a customer with a unique master bathroom in an historic home where she had two separate counters for the basins, both a different size. It’s featured in a recent blog post in the beautiful bathroom, Butterflies, Fruit & Flowers in the Bathroom.

Pink Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds Painted Sink

sink painted with pink roses and hummingbirds
decorate your bathroom with one of our hand painted sinks and toilets made by hand in the usa.

This is the popular Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds design. A customer inspired me to create it a few years ago and I’ve put it on several sinks since. This version is on a standard Kohler Pennington drop-in and it’s blooming with tons of pink and white Geraldine Roses and blossoms and two hummingbirds, one brown-ish, and one green-ish. The customer I made this particular sink for was in Canada, and she kindly posted a review on the website saying…

“I love the sink and can recommend the Moen bronze taps to give a finishing touch. The packaging was excellent, too; sink arrived intact after travelling so many thousand miles to Canada!”

It’s so popular that I have been thinking about doing another similar version to this but with different colored roses, not everybody wants pink in the bathroom. You can see more Heirloom Roses designs in a recent blog post here.

Blue & Yellow Iris Flowers Painted Sink

iris painted sink on Van Gogh irises
Blue and Yellow Iris design on the sink on some Van Gogh Irises.

The Blue and Yellow Iris design is painted on a white Bates & Bates Debbie undermount porcelain bathroom basin, approximately 18 x 14″ in size. It features blue & yellow iris flowers with green stems and a geometric emblem of petals around the sink drain.

I was going to put all the sinks on flowered backgrounds on my instagram feed, which you can see here, and PLEASE FOLLOW ME, it’s such a pain in the you know what. I am a one person business, I like making sinks, not so much blog posts and promoting the sinks (and myself) on social media, I’m just not into it. I have to make myself do it, I would rather clean a toilet!!!!! I resent Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook and Instagram. I don’t need to tell people ‘how i’m feeling today’ or ‘what’s on my mind today’. That’s what it says on Facebook before you make a post. Really? How about Crap because I have to use your social media services and I loathe it. There. Got that off my chest for this morning. You can check out our complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures, all made by hand by me, Lynne Sands, on the website, Thanks for reading.

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