big squares gold painted vessel sink

Here are a few of our decorated and hand painted sinks and basins that would look smart in a men’s room or man’s bathroom. We will be featuring a few metallic geometric designs, the Cigar sink and some of our Lodge design sinks in this post.

Metallic Gold Big Squares on a Small White Vessel

Big Squares design in gold painted on a small white vessel basin.
Big Squares design in gold painted on a small white vessel basin.

This design is can be integrated into any style of bathroom from traditional to contemporary and especially into one that is gender neutral, it’s called the Big Squares and can be applied to any flat front vessel sink. Currently available in gold only but could be custom produced in platinum, which would create a really modern feel. This design is also available in a smaller version with smaller squares (approx. 2″ diameter) that fit on an under mount or drop-in sink. You can see it on the website here, Greekish Key Border, in gold or silver.

Custom Vintage Cigar Labels Painted Sink

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.
Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

The Cigar Labels on this sink are taken from a historic archive of actual labels. Beautifully rendered images with great colors adds a touch of art and nostalgia. We’ve got enough decals to make two more sinks. Absolutely gorgeous colors and images with lots of portraits and beautiful typography. Perfect for the man cave or cigar lounge. We did a whole blog post on the cigar labels with more detailed photos. Check it out here.

Deer & Moose Lodge Design Painted Drop-in Sink

Deer & Moose design painted on a white drop-in.
Deer & Moose design painted in shades of brown and beige on a white drop-in.

The Deer & Moose Design shown here is painted on a white porcelain drop-in basin. The two on the back of the sink are rendered in a realistic form, the ones on the rim have been distressed and are in shades of beige and gray. The don’t look perfect in this photo but they look awesome on the sink. Next time I make one I will get a better photo, now I have a professional Cannon camera and proper lighting. Photos are much improved since I got the lights, and am starting to understand how to work the camera, it’s a little complicated.

Ducks in Flight Painted on a White Vanity Sink

Ducks in Flight lodge design painted on a white center drain drop-in sink.
Ducks in Flight painted on a white center drain drop-in sink.

This is one of our most popular ‘Lodge Design’ sinks. It’s a bunch of ducks flying across the basin, as you can see. They are painted in nice shades of beige, gray, white, green and red, with gold beaks. It’s a little camp but because the ducks are so nicely painted, in such good colors, it can really look cool in the bathroom of your lodge or cabin, even sophisticated. So camp it’s cool. We have a few other Lodge design sinks with fish and wolves. Check out the complete collection on the website here and in a previous blog post here.

Black & Silver Powder Room & Silver Geometric Border Painted Sink

Platinum Geometric Border Painted Sink in Black & Silver Bathroom
Platinum Geometric Border in Black & Silver Bathroom

This is the Chain Maille Border. It’s available in gold or silver and the overall effect is a bit like a woven watch band or something. Another gender neutral design which could be installed in so many different bathroom styles with any style vanity and type of granite countertop. It’s shown here in platinum with a white marble counter top and chrome faucets in a black powder room. These are just a few of our hand painted sinks that would look great in a men’s room. We have some other geometric borders that would also be good, you can check them all out on the website here. All of our sinks are kiln-fired for lasting durability and made by hand in the USA. Thanks for reading.

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