vanity sink with red poppies

Update your bathroom or powder room and create something special with the Oriental Poppies design painted on the sink and toilet. This is an update to the original Oriental Poppies hand painted bathroom sink. The Poppies in this design are a vibrant fire engine red with highlights of blue and purple in the centers and make a big splash on the porcelain basins. Featured in this post is a version I did recently on a small under mount vanity sink. It really fills the bowl with color.

Oriental Poppies Painted Sink

vanity sink with red poppies
Red Oriental Poppy design on a small white under mount vanity sink

You need to have some real chutzpah to put this sink in your bathroom or powder room. This sink measures about 13 x 11″ from front to back and is perfect for a small space. The bowl is quite deep do that there is still plenty of room in the bowl or basin for washing.

Oriental Poppies Soap Dispenser

ceramic soap dispenser with poppy design
Red poppies painted on a tall white ceramic soap dispenser

This is a tall, about 8″ ceramic soap dispenser with the poppy design painted on it. We have a wide range of porcelain and ceramic bathroom accessories that can be decorated to match your fixture. Check out a previous post on them. There are a few other fixtures on the site with the Oriental Poppies design, a pedestal lavatory and matching toilet.

This is just one of the many floral painted sink designs available on our website, All of our fixtures are kiln-fired and custom-made by hand in the USA.


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