turquoise bathroom with gold orchids sink

This is a custom version of our popular Gold Orchids painted sink design, this time on a 16″ round porcelain vessel sink. I normally do it on a fluted drop in but this customer wanted a vessel for her beautiful turquoise powder room, to be discussed later in the post. The sink is a great basin for an elegant powder room. It’s painted with matte & metallic gold orchids, leaves and stems, outlined and highlighted with black. It’s brings a lot of bling to your bathroom, powder room or guest bath. Gold also goes with anything. The design is also available in platinum on our website here, Platinum Orchids Painted Sink.

Gold Orchid Vessel Sink


gold orchids painted vessel sink
Porcelain round vessel sink painted with gold orchids design

It’s not the best photo, and the sink is actually white, but you can see that there are plenty of orchids with lots of shine all over the inside of the bowl. It’s very hard to get a good photo. Here are what some customers say about their Gold Orchids sinks…

“My sink is stunning. It’s in my powder room and complements my white and gold glass tiles. Thank goodness you can order a sample tile in advance to help coordinate the sink with the tiles and fixtures in your room. I wanted a vessel sink so Lynne applied the Gold Orchid design to a vessel sink. She is very flexible and let’s you marry the type of sink you want to your favorite design. Beyond the beautiful pieces of art she creates, my favorite thing about Lynne is she communicates. She does not leave you out in the dark. I am so happy with my sink as well as the easy process of dealing with DecoratedBathrom that I will be ordering two Chintz Garden Flute design under-mount sinks for my master bathroom in the very near future.”

“This luxurious sink was the foundation for my new bathroom design. I was not disappointed! My sink is elegant and complements my Fowler and Ball wallpaper. Your artistry is a joyful centerpiece for my finished design.”

Front View of Gold Orchids Sink

painted sink with gold orchids
Front view of the sink showing the orchids.

As you can see in this photo, the porcelain vessel sink is decorated with the orchids on the inside and outside of the bowl. They are kiln-fired to approximately 1500 degrees which permanently fuses the flowers to the glaze on the sink. It won’t wear out or fade away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive, clean with mild detergent and buff dry with a soft cotton cloth. That’s it.

Turquoise Bathroom with Gold Orchids Sink & Accessories

turquoise bathroom with gold orchids sink
Turquoise bathroom with Gold Orchids Vessel Sink & Accessories

This is a customer photo of their guest bathroom. It’s a custom version of the Gold Orchids design, this time on a round white vessel sink, approximately 16″ in diameter. The photo is a little low resolution, but you get the picture, LOL. She completed the look with large white subway tiles with gold inset tiles, a nice ornate gold mirror and a really stylish gold faucet. All looks great, especially with the turquoise wall. One of the smart things this customer did is that she can totally change the look of this bathroom by just changing the wall color or adding wallpaper.

Gold Orchids Porcelain Bathroom Accessories

gold orchid tissue box cover and soap dispenser
This is the actual soap dispenser and tissue box cover in the bathroom shot. I took a photo this time!

I did take a photo of these two items. A ceramic tissue box cover and tall soap dispenser decorated with a matching Gold Orchid design. They complete the look of the decorated bathroom, and tie all the items together. You can tell I’m getting tired of writing this blog copy, I’m getting desperate!!!  The customer loved this sink so much she ordered two more in a different design for the master bathroom. You can see some of the other Gold Orchids decorated bathroom fixture we create in a previous blog post, Gold Orchids in the Powder Room.

This is one of our most popular painted sink designs on the website decoratedbathroom.com. Here you can find a complete collection to suit every taste of decorated bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories, all made by me, Lynne. Thanks for reading.

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