light gray and white bathroom with painted sink

This has been one of my favorite designs since I first did it. I would like it on my own sink, maybe in the next house. Its the loose loops design and is available in gold or platinum. It’s a bunch of loose loops scrawling across the bowl of the basin, or the front of it. It looks very modern and totally unique. I won’t say very unique, as so many do, it’s not correct, as you can’t be any more unique, than unique. It’s just one of the decorated and painted bathroom bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories I create for my clients, through the website,

Loose Loops Painted Rectangle Vessel Basin

vessel sink with platinum loops design
Loose Loops design in platinum on a 21″ vessel sink

Here’s the sink on an 18-1/2 x 14-1/2″ rectangle white porcelain vessel basin. It’s got rounded corners which gives it a smooth style. The loops are available painted  in platinum or gold, and of course look excellent either way. You can get all the info on the website at this link, Loose Loops Rectangle Vessel sink.

Loose Loops Painted Sink in Modern Bathroom

light gray and white bathroom with painted sink
Light gray and platinum really set off the design on the sink.

This is a customer photo they so graciously sent me. It looks like a guest bathroom. It’s got a shower but definitely doesn’t look like it’s used everyday. Everything is white or light gray. It’s got a nice white quartz counter with specs of gray, white cabinets, light gray walls and platinum-framed mirror and some chandelier-style crystal lighting. Definitely looks like they paid attention to every detail and I love the simplicity. Thank you nice customer. It’s also an excellent photo too, bathrooms can be really hard to photograph due to tight quarters and low lighting.

Loose Loops Slab Vessel

platinum loops design painted on modern vessel sink
Platinum Loose Loops design painted on a contemporary white vessel sink.

This is another version of the design on a very contemporary slab porcelain vessel sink. The sink is about 22″ wide and is a great space for decorating. If you visit the website, you can see a few more photos of this sink, showing the design on the front of the sink as well, Loose Loops Slab Vessel Sink.

Blue Spa Bath with Loops Sink

spa bathroom with platinum decorated sink
Blue spa bathroom with Glass top vanity & platinum decorated sink.

Here’s a bathroom shot of the Loose Loops design vessel sink, it’s platinum but does look a bit gold in the photo. As I’ve said so many times, hard to get a good shot in the bathroom. I especially like the glass top on the vanity here, looks clean and fresh, kind of spa like. This was featured in a previous post here.

If you want to add something really cool, and ok, I’ll say it, really unique (I don’t think that’s as bad a grammatical error) to your next bathroom renovation, check out the rest of the Loose Loops designs on our website, All made by me, Lynne, by hand in the USA, oh and check out the rest of the sink designs too. We’ve got something for every taste. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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