master bathroom with floral painted sinks

Hello anybody who is reading this blog. It’s so much work, and I only do it for better SEO for my website, so if you ever read this, please make a comment below. People do actually read it, and get to my website, where you can find a beautiful collection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks, made by hand in the USA, by me, Lynne. This post is about the Scented Garden design, one of our most popular, in a really gorgeous and huge master bathroom with lots of elegant touches. The customer sent me the photos below.

Scented Garden Master Bathroom Sinks

master bathroom with floral painted sinks
Floral Painted Sinks in Master Bathroom

This is a very nice looking bathroom with no expense spared. The ledge stone wall makes a lovely contrast with the dark brown carved vanity and wood mirror. It looks like they’ve got lots of light in this bathroom too which just brings the whole room to life. The plant, the metal-scroll bathroom accessories, dark brown faucets. I especially like the customer’s arm at the top left of the photo. As always, a great touch.

Scented Garden Sink in Master Bath

floral painted sink in master bathroom
Scented garden painted floral sink in master bathroom

This is a close up of the sink in the white counter. The brown mirror frame, scrolled metal-cased accessories and faucets all look great. The only thing I would add is some caulk around the edge of the basin. I like the plant too, they clean the air in your house, also important in the bathroom.

Scented Garden Drop-in Sink

floral design painted on porcelain sink
Porcelain Drop-in Sink with Floral Design

If you would like to feel like you are in a fragrant flower garden when you walk into the bathroom, you can with this versatile Dresden floral full or roses, poppies, tulips, daisies, violets, iris, chrysanthemums, morning glory, cornflowers and even a butterfly and a ladybug or bee!  Because there are so many colors in this floral painted sink design it’s easily coordinated with any color-scheme. It’s one of our most popular designs and always in style.

Here’s what some customers had to say about their sinks

Holly on 09/06/2018
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I love my sinks. They are beautiful and I get a lot of compliments, including from the builders who installed them. From 1 to 5, they get a 10!!
Jeni H on 09/05/2018
5 ( 5 / 5 )
When I first saw this sink, Secret Garden, I instantly knew this was the sink I wanted. So incredibly beautiful in the picture. When it arrived, if far surpassed my expectations. Absolutely Beautiful. And what it does for the Bathroom! It gives the bath a touch of elegance, that my otherwise rustic remodel would not have had. I consider it an investment! Just beautiful! I wish I could rate it higher!
Jo J on 03/12/2018
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Scented garden is perfect for my guest bedroom suite. Lots of compliments. It is still as pristine today as the day we bought it!
Please check out all the Scented Garden designs on our website, where you can find an complete collection of hand decorated and painted sinks and toilets, all made in the USA by me, Lynne Sands. Check out a few previous blog posts on this design too, Floral Bathroom  or Elegant Powder room. Thanks for reading. – Lynne


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