painted sink in bathroom

I really am so grateful for the customer photos they send to me. It’s awesome content for blog postings, and I love to see the sinks installed in their final resting place. I really need to take a new photo of this one, but it’s the Chintz design, shown here on the fluted sinks we used to use, now we use even nicer ones, made in the USA, which you will see in the following photos. The sink is available for sale on my website,, where I decorate and kiln-fire all the painted bathroom fixtures by hand in the USA. Here’s what one customer had to say about her Chintz sink…

“Ordinarily a visit to the bathroom is not terribly exciting. However, now that I have my Chintz Garden sink it is a very pleasant experience. The effect of the flowers and colors make me smile every time I enter the room. A thing of beauty in an otherwise functional room is a welcome addition.”

Chintz Fluted Drop-in Painted Sink

painted sink with roses and chintz design
Chintz Floral design drop-in sink ainted with roses and more.

These sinks always turn out beautiful. You can see more examples of them on the website here, Chintz design painted sink. The flowers are in a hand-painted watercolor style with pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly. The brilliance of the china really shines through.  Every one is a work-of-art and each one a little different, since i make them all by hand, it’s really to hard to make them all 100% identical and it would make me crazy. I have to be a bit creative, even though I am basically a manufacturing machine, especially when it gets busy. For some reason, the collective society always wants to renovate their bathrooms at the same time, so in this business, it can be slow or way too busy. After I finish this 15 blog post-writing marathon session, which I’m hoping will see me through 2019, I’m going to make a whole bunch of sinks, the really popular ones and keep them in stock. Sometimes I can’t bear to stick another flower on a sink, ok, often, and then I am also equally glad when I get the finishing touches on a sink, pack it up and ship it out to my awaiting customer.

Antique Vanity with Painted Sink Bathroom Renovation

painted sink in victorian bathroom
Half done renovation with the sink in the antique dresser/vanity

I wouldn’t normally include a shot ‘under renovation‘ but in this case I think it really ads to it. I love the floor, and the beautiful rounded feet on the antique dresser. I like the yellow top too, you can’t see too well in the photo but the sink has yellow flowers too which will really shine with that countertop. The paneled wall, ornate round mirror and light fixtures complete the look. Oh and the floral wallpaper too.

Victorian Bathroom with Chintz Floral Sink

painted sink in bathroom
Front view of the sink in the antique dresser

I forgot to mention the faucets, they go really well with the entire look. The thing I love the most about this photo is the reflection of the trees in the mirror. So many bathrooms these days don’t have windows, and they really should. Not just for the lack of fresh air in them, but they are often a place where we get a few moments during the day to sit and ponder on our life and the the days happenings, and a view out the window to those beautiful trees would help me to ponder and pee with more peace.

If this sink has too many flowers on it for your taste, I have another version featured in a previous post in a big master bathroom with swan faucets and a matching toilet and accessories. Please visit my website where you can find a complete collection of decorated ceramic and porcleain bathroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories, all made by me, Lynne Sands, by hand in the USA. Thanks for reading.

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