This post is all about a bathroom painted with flowers, daisies in fact. It’s been installed along with a custom-designed toilet in a Victorian style bathroom in a restored farmhouse. You can see no expense was spared when putting together this guest bathroom. It’s just one of the hand-painted bathroom sinks and toilets that we make by hand, to order, here in the USA for the happy customers of Decorated Bathroom. Please check out the complete collection of undermount bathroom sinks, as well as vessel, drop-in and pedestal, as well as a complete selection of accessories that can be decorated to match your bathroom fixtures.

Kohler Devonshire Sink Painted with Daisy Design

bathroom vanity with daisy painted sink
White wood panel vanity with gold hardware, white quartz counter and… the Daisy design on the Kohler Undermount sink.

This is a nice vanity, what else can I say, I think the wood panelling goes great with the look of the bathroom and of course I love the quartz counter. I had that same counter in my kitchen in my house I just sold, the kitchen of my dreams, now I don’t even have my own kitchen. I’m trying to resolve that but housing is challenging at the moment, early October 2020. Back to the sink, it’s a Kohler Devonshire Undermount and it has a nice rounded rolled area at the top of the washbasin, which is a perfect spot to put a decoration on it. The daisies are painted on the bathroom sink in white, gray, yellow and gold with pretty green leaves.

Daisy Painted Under Mount Kohler Bathroom Sink

painted kohler daisy sink in quartz counter
Daisy design painted on a Kohler Devonshire undermount bathroom sink in a lovely white quartz counter.

You can see here how well the sink goes with the counter. I think that type of quartz goes well with anything. The gray flecks in the counter tie in with the gray highlights and shadows on the daisy flowers. Gold faucets finish the look for a sophisticated and first-class job on a guest bathroom.

Guest Bathroom with Daisy Painted Kohler Toilet

Kohler toilet painted with daisies
Guest bathroom featuring the Daisy design painted on a white Kohler toilet

She also had me make her a toilet. This one is the Kohler Devonshire and she wanted just a little bit of daisy on there. I’m so sorry I can’t get these daisies anymore, the decals have been reprinted and the new versions aren’t very pretty. Lucky I’m getting old so the supply of decals I have, of the old stuff, before terrible reprints, should last me til I’m gone. All the gold and silver stuff I get silk-screened here in the USA, it’s just the colorful flowered stuff I can’t get like I used to. Please check out some of our other toilet designs on the website here, Decorated Bathroom Toilets.

This is what the customer had to say about her new daisy bathroom…

“I love, love, LOVE my daisy designed sink. The design is beautiful and the colors are crisp and bright. It adds an elegant touch to our newly renovated small master bathroom. We also had the daisy design done on the toilet tank and lid. They also look fantastic. Lynn was amazing to work with. She patiently (and cheerfully) redesigned the sink (and toilet) at least six times, to accommodate my husband and my personal tastes and preferences. I highly recommend “decoratedbathroom”. Ten stars would not be enough. Working with them was like a breath of fresh air in what was otherwise a very stressful experience.”

Isn’t that nice. My customers send me the nicest emails. That is one of the many good things about this business, customer appreciation and I appreciate my customers too.

White and Yellow Daisy Painted Kohler Toilet

kohler toilet painted with daisies
Kohler Devonshire Toilet tank and lid painted with colorful daisies

Here’s a close-up of the toilet. It’s got a larger bouquet of daisies on the front and a smaller one on top. As the customer said, it went through several iterations before I got just what she wanted, I usually put more flowers on the sinks and toilets!! LOL.

I do have one Daisy sink left in the Sink Sale. It’s a great deal at only $399 + shipping and available right away, already made, in a box and ready to be shipped out and installed into your new bathroom renovation.

I really appreciate when my customers send me photos of their bathrooms. I love to see the things I make in their final destination and to see how people put together their bathrooms. I forgot to mention the floor too, I love those floors. She sent me photos of the outside of the house too and it looked like something out of a storybook. Beautiful trees and gardens and an enchanting house.

As I am writing this blog post, it’s October 2020, I have a sore throat. I’m in Canada, doing my 14-day quarantine and they have a self-assessment tool on the internet. I have a sore throat, I did the self-assessment tool and it says go get a test. It’s Sunday so I can’t do anything today, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope if I do get a test it’s negative, but how could I possibly get a flu when I barely go out and have a mask on and use tons of hand sanitizer. I had to stop at a very busy Trader Joes on a Sunday afternoon on the way here to get food. It better not be positive if I get the test. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Time to end this blog post and start gargling with some salt water.

Please check out the complete collection of decorated bathroom sinks I have available on my website, Decorated Bathroom. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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