Hello, Welcome to the Decorated Bathroom Blog. This site is really a companion to my website where you will find an extensive collection of decorated and painted bathroom fixtures, all made by hand in the USA. This post features a version of the Colorful Sea Shells design painted on a white Bates & Bates Georgia drop-in bathroom sink. I normally do this design on a drop-in or vessel sink, but this customer requested it on the fluted drop-in, and I think it turned out really great. It’s just one of the decorated and painted sinks I make and sell on the website, There you will find a complete collection including designs from traditional to contemporary and everything in-between. The Colorful Sea Shells design is from the Animals & Nature Collection. You can check them all out here on the website, Animals & Nature.

This sink was ordered by a repeat customer, I always love them. Not only for the extra business, but it validates my work and product, they liked their first sink enough to order another one. You should check out all the nice things my customers say about their sinks, most are loved. Check out this previous blog post… My Customers Say the Nicest Things.  I really do appreciate hearing from them, and I especially love the photos people send me. I can use them on social media, and more importantly, I love to see the sinks in their forever homes. Just like a rescued dog! Back to the sink…

Colorful Seashells Painted Sink

The Colorful Seashells design on a white Georgia fluted drop-in bathroom sink.

I made it during the Coronavirus outbreak, and I really wasn’t busy, so I had plenty, and I mean PLENTY of time to work on at. Deciding exactly where to put the shells and maintain the integrity of the existing design, literally took me a week. Then another three firings to get the sand in the bottom to look just how I wanted it to. In the end, I think it turned out really great. I haven’t put it on the website, yet, but I think I probably will. Just in case you are wondering, the white spots on the base of the bowl are just glare from the photographic lights, the beige tone is consistent on the bowl. It also looks a little splotchy, ON THE PHOTO ONLY, again my photography. I’m not a pro, thank god I am a Photoshop pro! If you ever need any graphic design or presentations, check out my design website here, LOL & Thanks if you do.

Detail of Shells Painted on Bathroom Sink

shells painted on sink detail
Detail of shells painted on bathroom sink.

You can see in the photo above all the different colors in the shells. Of course, there are lots of beige and brown, but the reason I call this one the colorful seashells, is that there is also red, gold, pink and blue. The colors really do add some extra appeal and I personally like them much more than the other Shell Sinks I have on the site. They are more in the brown and beige range, and more scientific looking. You can check them out on the website,, here, Sea Shells Sink.

Here’s what some customers had to say about their Shell Painted Sinks.

Robyn…This is an awesome sink! We had a different design in our old house and so when we moved I needed to get another one. stunning and very well made. Cleans like a non-decorated sink. Very professional service.

Walter K… Arrived like a kid at Christmas looks GREAT!

Seashells on Rope Edge Drop-in Sink

painted bathroom sink with shells
Beach Bathroom with seashells painted sink.

Here’s a customer bathroom shot on a lovely decorative edge drop-in sink, which I can no longer get. I love the way she styled the photo for me with the starfish accessories. It looks a whole lot better than nothing, or toothbrushes, or disposable soap pumps. I appreciate it. I like the blue wall as well, and you can just get an idea of the sparkly mica-bits in the counter.

Seashells Painted Sink & Matching Backsplash Tiles

seashells painted sink and backsplash in bathroom
This is the Colorful Seashells painted sink with matching tiles on the backsplash.

The sink features a selection of colorful shells including a sand dollar and starfish resting on a bed of hand-painted sand texture. The colors are mostly beige, gold, brown, pink and white, with some blue and red highlights. These shells are painted a little more artfully and a little less scientifically like the designs featured below. The shells painted on a white Kohler Penning Drop-in basin with 4″ faucet centers in shades of pink, brown, beige, ochre and a bit of red and blue. The Kohler sink is the Pennington model. It’s your standard drop-in sink. One of the great things about them is the big rim. I was able to take out the ‘builder’s sinks’ in my master bathroom and replace with two of these Kohler sinks (with a different design) and they fit right in the holes in the counter. No cutting or fitting required. Nice!!!! The basin measures 20-1/4″ wide x 17-3/4″ deep and is available with 4″, 8″ or single hole faucet centers. It’s made from vitreous china, which is what most bathroom fixtures are made of. What that means is that the porcelain is coated with a glaze, which is basically ground of glass, which becomes liquid when firing and creates a seal on the porcelain, so that it is impervious to water and will last for years, and years, and years.

You can check out more shell sinks in a previous blog post here or on the website, in the Animals and Nature category.

If you are redoing or building a house or condo by the ocean, lake or seaside, or if you just want to transport yourself to another place and time when you ‘go’ you might be considering a beach-theme bathroom or powder room. It’s surprising how popular beach-themed bathrooms are. I hope you found some inspiration for your bathroom by the beach, lake or sea with these sinks, just some of the many painted and decorated sinks I make here in Henderson, Nevada, by myself, by hand. All of them are kiln-fired for lasting beauty and you can see all of them on our website,

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