Magnolia Painted sink with several butterflies and a hummingbird

This blog post features a Magnolia painted sink and the effort I made to give the customer complete satisfaction. It is from the Sink Sale at Decorated Bathroom. Please check them out. This is just one of the hand-painted bathroom sinks I make and sell on the website, Where all the decorated bathroom fixtures are all made by hand with great care, by me, in the USA, sometimes in Canada during the summer months.

I had this Magnolia sink in the Sink Sale, I can’t remember why I had it extra, but I normally sell them with the 8″ faucet centers, not the 4″ as shown. It’s a biscuit color Kohler Pennington which is my ‘go-to’ drop-in bathroom sink for decorating. It’s sturdy and reliable, and has the added benefit that the Kohler logo is behind the faucets, so it doesn’t interfere with my design. You can check out the actual Magnolia Painted sink I normally make on the website, it doesn’t have the hummers and butflies. That’s my nick-name for them on my filing system on my computer, give me a slight smile. I have used a lot of butterflies over the years, so there many instances of butflies on my hard drive.

The sink started out with just the flowers but the customer wanted me to add some butterflies and possibly some hummingbirds. Here is our email exchange:

Hi Customer, I am attaching a few options for what I can put on your sink. I wasn’t sure if you wanted a hummingbird, but it matches the flowers nicely. The colors are not accurate on the ‘bits’ I have stuck on there, they haven’t been fired yet. The sink has. Please let me know. Thanks. – Lynne

Magnolia Painted Sink Options

She replied:

Option 2 looks good.. could you turn the two small butterfly’s towards the flowers?  Meaning.. have their faces facing the flowers? So they look like they are landing.
and then:
Also maybe the humming bird could come down a tad so it looks like it is going in to the center of the flower.. maybe a bit lower angled up to the center of the flower??

I replied:
Hi Customer. I am attaching a photo. I added a few more butterflies, as close to the flowers as possible. When they are too close it doesn’t look good. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. – Lynne

Magnolia Painted Sink Option V2

She wrote:

Not quite right yet.  I’m not fond of brown.  So do you have something else to replace the brown ones?  Maybe it isn’t possible to move the hummingbird down a bit..but it looks like it is missing the flower center.. I’m sorry to be so picky but I really want to love the sink! Thanks.

I replied:
Hi Customer, The hummingbird is ‘heading’ for the center, if I put it over the flower it doesn’t look good. Same goes for the butterflies. I can take the brown ones off and put another color on there. I’m putting my house up for sale in a few days so I packed up my office for the photo shoot on Tuesday, I’ll get your sink out after that and send a new photo. Thanks for your patience. – Lynne

She wrote:

Ok thank you.  I was thinking just a quarter inch lower for the hummingbird…but  photos can be I’ll trust your ‘eye’.  There isn’t any hurry really.  A bathroom redo isn’t in process at the moment.

I wrote:
Hi Customer, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am attaching a file with the other butterflies I have that will work on the sink. I can replace the brown ones and try to move the hummingbird a little closer. Please let me know if you like any of these ones. Thanks. – Lynne

Butterfly Options

She wrote:

I like 2 and 5 the best..altho I can’t tell the scale but you can. 😊 thanks!
and then:
I like #4 too! With grace and blessings,

I wrote:
Hi Customer, Please find revised sink photo attached. I moved the hummingbird closer to the flower and added more butteflies. – Lynne

Magnolia Painted Sink – more butterflies -V3

She wrote:

One last change…the blue butterfly on the top rim….could you put it where the smaller one is that’s on the top rim far right facing? And you can leave the other one off or move it into the flowers?? It’s looking good! With grace and blessings,

I wrote:
Hi Customer, Sorry for the delay. I hope this is what you are looking for. Let me know. Thanks. – Lynne

Magnolia, hummingbird and lots of butterflies painted sink options V4

She wrote, (finally)!!!

This looks perfect!  Wonderful!! Thank you so much for the extra work!! With grace and blessings,

Then me:
Hi Customer, It’s in the kiln now. Hopefully I can ship it tomorrow. I’ll send tracking info then. – Lynne
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I work very hard at Decorated Bathroom to satisfy all my customers desires. Of course, sometimes I prefer they were easier to satisfy, but all in all, most of my customers love their painted sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories and are a true pleasure to work with. I love to help them create the bathroom of their dreams. Check out these previous posts on the Sink Sale, Painted Vessel Sinks on Sale, Sinks on Sale. If you made it this far. Thank you very, very much for reading and please check out the complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories at – Lynne

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